Camping Plus is designed for those of you who want to guarantee yourself a camping pitch for you and some of your friends, book your ticket and choose your plot.

With room for up to 4 people (one x 4 man tent or two smaller 2 man tents) per 5m x 4m pitch you can now pre-book these spaces in advance. This means for larger groups you can pre-book as many as you like and guarantee you can camp together even if you all arrive at different times or even different days.

In addition the plots are located nearest to the car park, nearest to the arena entrance and the area even has it’s own exclusive “posh wash” showers and toilets for you to use at no additional cost

All this for just £65.00 per plot

Please note each person will need a valid festival weekend ticket. You will only be allowed the space of 5m x 4m to pitch your tent or tents, we strongly suggest you measure carefully the amount of space needed to pitch the tents you intend to bring as you will not be allowed to go over the allocated pitch space unless you have booked an additional pitch adjacent to it within the same boundary.

Whilst we welcome families to our friendly festival, Camping+ in not suited to families with small children as it can, at times, be a little noisy. However there is family / quiet camping available.


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