Campsite Opening Times

Campsite open to ticket holders

Thursday Ticket Holders: Opens Thursday 23rd May 12:00
Weekend Ticket Holders: Opens Friday 24th May 08:00
Campsite check out by 14:00 Monday 27th May

Boxoffice opening hours:

Thursday 12:00 - 23:00
Friday 08:00 - 23:00
Saturday 08:00 - 2300
Sunday 08:00 - 2300

Standard Camping

Your weekend ticket price already includes access to the standard camping areas. If you have a Thursday ticket you can access and stay in the campsite from Thursday.

Family Camping/Quiet Camping

If you would like to camp in the family/quiet camping area you will need to have purchased a ‘Family ticket’. This is priced slightly higher than a standard ticket but this will enable us to provide extra facilities by way of extra toilet blocks and extra showers and make sure these are regularly serviced, please note the family area is also a ‘quiet’ area so is not exclusive to families, anyone can upgrade to this so long as you are not noisy!

Accessible Camping

The area closest to the arena entrance has been reserved for less-abled customers. This is not to segregate or separate less-abled people form the rest of the festival as they are welcome to camp in standard camping, but just to make their stay more comfortable as there is less distance to travel when accessing the arena and the accessible toilets are situated next to it.

Where to pitch your tent

All camping areas on the site are on a first come first served basis apart from Camping+ and VIP. The areas nearest the entrance to the arena tend to fill up first and quite quickly. It is not possible to reserve camping space in standard camping but we do make sure there is room for all camping. Areas in standard camping can get noisy at times however these are patrolled and policed and excessive noise is dealt with.

Some General Camping Tips

Campsite stewards and security can direct and advise you, and are your first port of call in an emergency. They can be found at the entrance to each of the camping fields.

It is worth noting where you camp in relation to the main arena entrance and remembering your campsite letter, campsite A is the nearest to the arena entrance and D is the furthest away.

Don’t bring valuables to the festival, this is the message the police have advised us on giving out. If you really have too don’t leave them in your tent, keep them on you and be clever about where you leave them at night, the majority of thefts at festivals happen when people are still in their tents asleep, so try to keep them on you at all times, even when asleep. To a thief valuable items are cash, so look after your valuables like your cash.

Get to know the people camping around you and watch out for each other, this creates a safer feeling environment and a more enjoyable experience.

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